Online Racing:
Racing is back to Wednesday this week at 1400. 

We are now also offering Saturday racing.
IMPORTANT: This will be hosted by HBYC. If you have already registered for Wednesday, you go onto the Saturday list and vice versa.

For those that would like to get involved please see details and registration via this LINK.
See if you have registered HERE.

Summer Season 2021/2022:
This is fast approaching and the NOR will soon be published. There are a few changes this season from last so please make sure you take a good look at the schedules. Race entry will be open later in September and as usual is done via the website.

With nothing currently happening on the water I thought I would revisit my quizzes. Nothing too challenging this week …have fun

COVID Fun: Have a go and send me your results at
Some things to help pass the time
A. Crossword:
B. Jigsaw:
C. Mystery Object: I have made it easy this week as I used it in the past.

D. What is this a picture of? Too easy this week but if you are stuck here is a clue: walking



Upcoming RMYS racing

Online Racing
8th September
11th September – Sat
15th September
18th September – Sat
22nd September
25th September – Sat



Volunteers: help is still needed.

Check out our Volunteer page to see what it’s all about… the club needs you.