Online Racing:

Wednesday and Saturday racing. Do one or do both it’s up to you. There is the one registration page and you will be emailed on the day to see if you want to race.


For those that would like to get involved please see details and registration via this LINK.
See if you have registered HERE.

ORCc rating: Renewal
Please remember that this needs an annual renewal and expired 30th June. A reminder was supposed to be sent out but you may not have received it. Please use the below link for Revalidation. It is important to note that ratings have been adjusted since last sailing season so mixing out of date ratings with current ratings can happen.


COVID Fun: Have a go and send me your results at

A. Crossword: Travel

B. Jigsaw
Last weeks answer

C. Mystery Object: (Last weeks Answer: Pontoon Bolt)

D. What is this a picture of?

Last weeks answer

How well do you know your sails

This weeks general questions -Instruments

Question 1
Under what conditions would you NOT engage the auto pilot?

Question 2.
What is the difference between the GAIN and SENSITIVITY controls on and echo sounder?

Last weeks General Questions

Weather Question 1
Explain the difference between a rapidly falling barometer versus a slowly falling barometer
at the approach of a cold front?

Weather Question 2
What sort of weather might you expect with:
a) rising air in a low pressure system
b) descending air in a high pressure system
a) Approaching cold front. Barometer falling, wind freshening and increasing rain.
Onset of rough seas.
b) Settled weather, clear visibility and light winds. Calm seas.

Upcoming RMYS racing

Online Racing
29th September
2nd October – SAT
6th October
9th October – SAT



Volunteers: help is still needed.

Check out our Volunteer page to see what it’s all about… the club needs you.