Summer 2021/22 racing season

With the interruption of COVID, changes needed to be made to the calendar and thus the NOR. This has meant a delay in getting the NOR’s to Top Yacht to set up the season and provide an entry link.

As you can probably guess, we are not the only club with this situation and this has created a delay in getting this live. We will have it live in time for racing and the NOR’s will be published next week.

At this stage, our first race is planned for Saturday 6th November being the Bert Watts Trophy.
Twilight racing will start 10th November.

Please Note: As with last year, Sailing Committee has made the decision that racing prior January 2022 will be Non-Aggregate racing only. The aggregate scoring will commence in January 2022.

The online calendar will also be updated over the next few days to reflect the changes and update links.

New RMYS Pursuit Course list:
Work has been put into the pursuit courses to provide different courses for the Spinnaker and Non-Spinnaker fleets. The below link will take you to the new list.
What are the changes: Each course has 2 options; a Non spinnaker and a Spinnaker fleet option. The spinnaker fleet option is longer. Both fleets will be sailing in the same direction. Courses denoted with the s = Spinnaker fleet course. The RO will display the course on the start box as the Number ONLY, so its up to the skipper and crew to now which fleet they are in.

So, if the RO decides to set course 1 this will be displayed on the box. The spinnaker fleet must sail the 1s course.


Online Racing:

This is still going and going well with up to 15 boats joining in.


For those that would like to get involved, please see details and registration via this LINK.
See if you have registered HERE.

ORCc rating: Renewal Reminder
Please remember that this needs an annual renewal and expired 30th June. A reminder was supposed to be sent out, but you may not have received it. Please use the below link for Revalidation. It is important to note that ratings have been adjusted since last sailing season so mixing out of date ratings with current ratings can happen.

COVID Fun: Have a go and send me your results at

A. Sorry none this week

Last week’s jigsaw answer:

C. Mystery Object:

D. What is this a picture of?

Last week’s answer: Dubarry Seaboot

This week’s general questions: Watch Keeping

Question 1.
You are overtaking a large bulk carrier at night from almost right astern. What lights would
you see?

Question 2.
At night in clear visibility, you sight ahead the two masthead lights of a large vessel. The port
and starboard lights are still below the horizon but the lower white light is to the right of the
upper one. What is the approximate course of the other vessel relative to your position?

Last week’s general Questions: Vessel handling

Question 1:
Describe how you would handle your vessel in heavy weather with a following sea.
Answer: If able to progress downwind adjust speed to below that of the seas.
Batten down
If danger of broaching, heave-to
Consider use of sea-anchor and disengaging auto-pilot

Question 2:
List the items that would receive your attention in preparing your vessel for heavy seas if
your were caught 80 miles offshore.
Batten down hatches, W/T doors and ports.
Secure loose gear. Check cargo for secure stowage.
Rig lifelines on deck.
Secure the galley.
Secure the anchor.
Reduce free-surface in tanks, pump out bilges and leave pump ready for more bilge pumping.
Set course for sheltered water.

Volunteers: help is still needed.

Check out our Volunteer page to see what it’s all about… the club needs you.