Please give a warm welcome to a New Member Richard Wagstaff. Richard has generously supplied the history of his boat – A beautiful Couta from the 1920’s:

Fancy – 1927 Mitch Lacco 24ft Couta Boat.

Built at Queenscliff to win the Williamstown to Portarlington race and did. Later came adrift and was wrecked, then restored as a fishing boat working from Geelong for 20 years.

Apparently she was the first vessel to pass through the Queenscliff Cut – which could have been around 1939 I think. She was completely restored by Brett Almond in February 2006.

She won the Couta boat cup in 2014 at Sorrento which is notable because it resulted in the SCC following her back to Queenscliff to have her hauled out and fully measured at Cayzer’s yard – all was OK!

She has been berthed at Royal Geelong Yacht Club for the past 6 years.  We purchased her and sailed her to Melbourne on the 19th January 2021.

She has already been welcomed by Douggie and numerous other friendly enthusiasts at RMYS – many thanks for a warm reception.

Having never owned a wooden boat or sailed gaff rigger before I have a steep learning curve ahead – plans for now are just to get to know how to sail and look after her well.

Kind Regards,

Richard Wagstaff