By Kellena Taylor

Cozy Cat arrived into Pen G2 on the 9 January 2022 and both Axel Schneider and Kellena Taylor are January 2022 new members.

After a long search, we picked up Cozy Cat (which we will likely rename) , a Lagoon 39 catamaran from The Spit in Sydney just after Christmas. She had only ever sailed Sydney harbour waters.  We then motored and sailed her from Sydney back to Melbourne arriving on January 9. It was a big adventure to start our experience as new catamaran owners! However the yacht handled the seas with ease. We plan to sail her in Port Phillip Bay over the summer and have our two daughters , aged 18 and 21 join us.  Then with more experience , we hope to venture further as the colder months approach.  Our future aim is to sail around Australia.