Annual General Meeting

Update June 30

Various comments and questions on social media and to the office have been made regarding the AGM and election process so hopefully this note assists.  Two members have nominated for general committee so at this stage an election will not be necessary, if more are received an election will be conducted.

The timeline to the AGM is:

3 July
Nominations close 10am

10 July 
Notice of Meeting (NOM) will be sent by email to all members.  The NOM is a detailed document drafted in accordance with Corporations Act requirements, it will include statutory financial reports and proxy form.  If an election is required all candidates will be given the opportunity to provide relevant personal details,  if there is no election prospective GC members will still be asked to provide this information.  This will be sent on a standard form with the notice of meeting and should provide members with an indication of  the skills and experience of each person.   

1 August
Voting opens 10am.  Voting members will  receive an email ballot from Truevote when voting opens. 

8 August
Voting closes 9am. 
A direct email with a webinar link will be sent to all members prior to the AGM which commences 10am.  Election results will be announced at the end of  the AGM.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the AGM and related processes.

Matt Solly
General Manager and Company Secretary 
| 03 9534 0227