Acrospire III

Welcome Col Anderson

Acrospire III was built for Mr Joe White of RMYS, and designed by Charlie Peel ( who also designed Acrospire 1V and the Jubilee), Acrospire111 was built in the Hayes Bros. yard in Sydney in 1923 and launched in 1924. Charlie Peel was working at the time at Hayes Bros. In 1928 Acrospire III raced against the 8 mtr Norn for the Sayonara Cup. Faster than Norn, Acrospires higher handicap saw Norn retain the coveted trophy. Interestingly Acrospire raced in the Cup with R1 as the sail number. Acrospires original  sail number was S1 up until Acrospire 1V was launched, when a 7 was added to become S 17. In the 1930,s Acrospire was changed from a Gaff cutter rig to Bermudan rig with no bowsprit, and later sold to Hobart and renamed Acushla. After WW2 Acushla was sold to Sydney owners and renamed Waree. After many years of successful racing under several owners, Waree was retired to Pittwater to eventually become derelict on a mooring near Scotland. In 1992 the owner offered the yacht to me for a nominal one dollar payment!

Having recently completed the successful restoration of Waitangi, as co project manager,  I decided to restore Acrospire 111 back to her original Gaff Topsail cutter rig. The work was carried out by David Golding and Anastasia Konstantinidis, who had worked together on Waitangi. My role was to research as much historical details as possible, and manage the project. RMYS club member  Bert Ferris was extremely helpful with the history of Ack 111 and I thank him for his input. David and Anastasia were extremely  dedicated to the restoration and their workmanship was  first class. The final result was amazing. Now more than 20 years since completion  and relaunching, Acrospire 111 is still in excellent condition, and I look forward to Flying the RMYS burgee in the CYAA events.