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eBreeze Tuesday 6th October

Commodore's Report - 6th October 2020

Dear Members,

The marine and boating industry have been advocating for better outcomes regarding on water activities and the safe reopening of our Club. Last Friday you would have received an email from General Manager Matt Solly, who provided an update on how things currently stand. With daylight saving and the warmer weather, we are all keen to get back …

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Member's Meeting - Building Redevelopment Concept (Recording)

A link to a video recording of the member's meeting held online last week has been posted on the RMYS Member's log in portal, under the clubhouse redevelopment folder for those of you who may have missed it.

Meet The Member & Members Draw - Friday 9th October

This week we will be meeting Kellie Knowles. A member and boat owner who over the years has been actively involved in the sailing on offer at RMYS. We will get to find out more about the lady behind the helm and why she has chosen RMYS as her sailing home.
Date: Friday 9th October
Time: 5.30pm
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Meet The Memeber Kellie Knowles
Start Time: 5.30pm

Member's Draw : $80

Join Zoom Meeting
: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84812430556?pwd=cWNJWStNZ0V6TzhNanRtTlB0cjM0dz09

Passcode now required.
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Event host: Colin Burgess

What's On in the RMYS My Rewards Program this month

You all should have received an email with an invitation to join the program earlier this year, along with your 6 digit member number as your username. It allows you to register and log in for the first time if you haven't already.

The RMYS My Rewards program is a great opportunity to enjoy sensational offers from thousands of your favourite local businesses plus receive exclusive access to services and products throughout Australia. Below is a snapshot of some special deals this month.

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The Good Guys Commercial Monthly Offers for October 2020

Colin's Conundrums #28

Some simple sailing questions to keep your mind active. Don't forget to send your answers in to me

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RMYS Virtual Sailing - 6th October

Virtual Sailing Graphic
View the results of the RMYS Virtual Regatta and Sail Online races.

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What you are racing for - 6th October

What's in the cabinet (003)
With such a great history and so many trophies in the cabinet we thought it would be good to tell you more about their history. Each week I will show case a few of the trophies, with description and history (well what we know anyway) and we hope that you find it interesting. Just click on the image for information. …

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Happy Birthday RMYS Members
Wishing the following RMYS members a very happy birthday this week from
6th October to 11th October
Graham Burton
Ian Guyett
Tom Glass
Thomas Ely
Rose Lang
Tony Allen
Timothy Smith
David Welsh
Eleni Spassopoulos
Nicklas Lindewald
Alan Watkins
David Saunders
Fontessa Brusse

Community Updates - St Kilda Pier Redevelopment

The other week David Hodge, RMYS’s representative on the St Kilda Pier Stakeholder Reference Group introduced a brief presentation by Parks Victoria from Project Officer Nick Jansen and Jo Richards, Regional Director Melbourne Marine and Maritime. The presentation has been recorded and now available under the St Kilda Pier tab in the member's online portal.
Receive notifications & updates relating to the the St Kilda Pier redevelopment project

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Stay Connected....

Facebook Group - RMYS Members' Forum

Stay connected with fellow members.The purpose of the page is to create a space for members to connect and post photos, comments, ask questions and alert each other. It can be a channel to also offer support and services to one another, especially during these uneasy times. Feel free to join the group and introduce yourself, your boat and your crew or any great photos or posts you feel fellow members would enjoy!

Review RMYS on Google!

Dear Members,
RMYS receive many reviews online, especially from tourists, wedding guests and people walking by who like to take photos. Unfortunately, we don’t often receive reviews from our very own sailing members that highlight what RMYS is really about, or sailing as a sport. We're hoping to change that by asking for you, our members to post a review.
What do you like about the sailing and racing here at RMYS?
What's your favourite regatta or social event?
Do you have any great photos (just a few) you would like to share for potential new members to see?

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