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eBreeze Tuesday 5th January

COVID update

The good news is that there are little to no changes in terms of how we can operate. The Hospitality is as it was pre Christmas so Twilight Dinners (see article below) and the Olympic Bar will be open. As per the announcement from Victoria’s Acting Premier Jacinta Allan, the wearing of face masks is now mandatory from 5pm in all indoor settings. So for RMYS, it means if you are coming to the main Clubhouse you will need to wear a mask. If you are coming for food and beverage purposes, you can remove the mask when you are eating and or drinking. If you are using any other indoor settings at the Club (bathrooms etc.) you will need to wear a mask whilst indoors. As always any changes to how we must operate we will communicated to members via ebreeze and direct email. Please remember to continue to practice social distancing as best as possible while at the club and on the marina.
We look forward to seeing you all soon
Mesaages From
Although I might be away I wanted to keep you all in the loop, so below are a few reminders, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year... see you on the 6th REMINDERS Upcoming RMYS Sailing:20216 January - Wednesday Twilight & Dinner Series II - 1800hrs 9 January - Doc Bennell Race (hosted by HBYC)16 January - 2 …

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Farwell to David Livingstone

Major Dennis Livingston passed away on 27 December 2020. Dennis was a Senior Member of RMYS from 1978. He served on the Sailing Committee for over 25 years, was elected to General Committee 1979-1980 and acted as Rear Commodore 1984-1985. Dennis was a qualified club Race Officer and volunteered for more than 25 years at RMYS and ORCV. Dennis acted …

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H Mark Missing

H mark has come away and is no longer in place, it has been found and will soon return to the club. We will relay the mark soon, but that will require the barge to lay it, which will need dead flat conditions to work outside the breakwater, so it won't happen this week. I will look at laying an orange inflatable for the race on Wednesday 5th

Twilight Racing 2021

IMPORTANT UPDATE The Wednesday Twilight Series II has a new set up in our results system. This allows us to have a simpler results options and the ability to see the combined start sheet online. The Changes: Spinnaker Fleet is now DIV 1Non Spinnaker Fleet now DIV 2 Series names: Summer Twilight Block II (La Nangle & Les Norton Trophy)Summer Twilight …

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News From Venue Coordinator

Welcome back to a New and completely different year.  Well -not completely different. The tradition of Twilight Racing and dinner continues. The menu for this Twilight Dinner 6th of January is: Pan fried barramundi, almond skordalia, charred greens, pomegranate and lemon $28 (GF) Wagyu beef burger, dill pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, relish and mustard, chips $22 Grilled chicken Caesar salad, …

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Nauti Australia Day Weekend

Australia Day weekend is shaping up to be a busy one for on-water activities.  RMYS has the perfect option for boat owners, family, friends and crew who are not racing to enjoy a fun, free weekend of recreational boating.  Take your pick from a rendezvous in the middle of the Bay, an on water scavenger hunt, a charity race where …

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