Month: February 2021

Message from Boating Coordinator 3 February 21

Check here for important updates/information, events and race results.

Arrival of Fancy

Please give a warm welcome to a New Member Richard Wagstaff. Richard has generously supplied the history of his boat – A beautiful Couta from the 1920’s: Fancy – 1927 Mitch Lacco 24ft Couta Boat. Built at Queenscliff to win the Williamstown to Portarlington race and did. Later came adrift and was wrecked, then restored […]

Scooter’s Story

Please welcome to the club a New Member Stuart Gluth and his boat Scooter. A big thank-you to Stuart for putting together these photos of Scooter’s adventurous journey to RMYS.  Here is Scooter’s Story. I wanted a boat with high sides that would be safe to sail in Crocodile and Irukandji infested Darwin and loved the […]

Arrival of Medosa

Please welcome a new member to the club, Brian Smith, and his beautiful cat Medosa. Below is some history of the boat, provided by Brian.  Medosa is a 10.3m Wilderness catamaran, by designer Jeff Schionning, and built in 2007. Medosa is made of duracore with an initial build weight of 3200kg, has a draft of 0.4m […]

St Kilda Pier Breakwater Penguin Viewing

We are delighted to have heard notice of the upcoming reopening of St Kilda Breakwater Penguin Viewing Sessions.  The St Kilda Breakwater Penguin area has been closed since COVID-19 social distancing requirements were introduced in March 2020. With the easing of restrictions, Parks Victoria identified that controlled re-opening of the site was possible. The area […]

Wednesday & Friday Night Dinner – Seafood & Sunset

Hello everyone, Firstly, an apology for the lack of rolls on Saturday. I messed up an email. It won’t happen again. And on to better things… Happy birthday to Will who supported the Club by bringing his friends and a DJ to the Olympic Bar on Saturday to celebrate. The more dancing in RMYS the […]