Month: September 2019

Olympic Bar price change

The drink prices in the Olympic Bar have not changed for two years, despite an annual increase being allowed for in the contract with f&d. A market review has been undertaken by f&d (and checked by RMYS).


An important amendment to the Sailing Instructions V6.0 has been released that all boats participating in RMYS races need to know about. Please use link to view the amendment Amendment 1 to Sailing Instructions V6.0 2019   – Issued 6/09/2019 

Progressive Dinner | New Date | Saturday 12 October

Well, let’s have another try!!

With our mid-winter blowouts, the next opportunity to party is Saturday 12th October. Same format as before.

Please get yourselves together for another outing to Docklands, and make suitable libations to Zeus or whichever weather god you choose.

Look forward to seeing you all – please let me know if you’re a starter.

best wishes


RMYS Opening Day – Smoking Ceremony 1145hrs

Traditionally we start the Opening Day lunch formalities with an Acknowledgement of Country, paying respect to the Traditional Owners and the ongoing custodians of the land on which our clubhouse stands. We will do so again this year, but I have long felt the Squadron should extend that respect to asking the Boon Wurrung, the traditional people and custodians of this coastline, to conduct a smoking ceremony at the Squadron through one of their Elders.

RMYS member Otis Myles-Malone

Last Saturday, RMYS member Otis Myles-Malone was injured during the dismasting of the RYCV yacht White Spirit during the ORCV Melbourne-Geelong race. Otis recently joined the Squadron and has been sailing on Sea Eagle, where he has already made himself a valued crew member.