Month: September 2019

2019 Club Member of the Year – Nominations Open!

Many members here at RMYS strive above and beyond the normal call of duty for the club in a voluntary capacity. Do you know anyone during 2019 who made a significant contribution for the overall benefit of RMYS and our members? If yes, please be sure to nominate them….

Member’s Draw $70

Member’s draw now at $70. Remember happy hour from 5-7pm.

Don’t forget to write your name down at the bar when you arrive for your chance to win. Draw Date: Friday 6th September

JimmyRum Tasting Night at RMYS – September 13th

Happy Happy Fridays continue in the Olympic bar, 13th September with JimmyRum Distillery, who operate a craft rum distillery on the Mornington Peninsular. They also import small batch Barbados rum. They were one of the sponsors for AWKR and would like to introduce RMYS to their premium product  with a free tasting and talk about  the distilling process and the finer aspects of small batch and craft rums.

Notice to Mariner’s – Issued Monday 2/09/2019, St Kilda

Local Port of Port Phillip

St Kilda. NTM No. 210-2019
West of St Kilda Marina – Water Quality Monitoring Station – Light Operational 

St Kilda NTM No. 210-2019
Isolated Danger buoy – Light Operational

ORCV Winter Series – Overnight Navigator’s Challenge

The ORCV Navigator’s Challenge with multiple starts and courses provides tactical challenges and valuable experience to those thinking of completing an overnight passage, ocean race or just cruising.