Month: August 2019

Celebrate the Good Life – Beer, Wine & Rum tasting Nights in the Olympic Bar

Hello. I invite you to gather in the Olympic Bar every second Friday of the month to celebrate the good life with a series of complimentary beer, rum and wine tastings. If you make wine, brew beer, culture cheese or press oil and would like to show and sell your product make yourself  known to […]

FREE Craft Beer Tasting – This Friday Night – Olympic Bar

Catch up with fellow members and enjoy some locally crafted, exotic flavoured brews this Friday night in the Olympic Bar hosted by RMYS member and brewer, Eduardo Haro.  Free tasting of the newly released craft beers FREXI Refreshing Porter, and FREXI Golden IPA throughout the evening by Eddie himself, alongwith beer tastings by Bonehead Brewing […]

Boat Duty Roster (View August to October 2019)

The “Boat Duty Roster” is put in place so that the racing yachts can give back to the race management volunteers. There are perks to it of course, such as being treated like an RMYS volunteer for the day. You’ll be provided with a meal and will also receive your working bee levy back. It’s […]

Tonner Challenge – 2019 Mid Week Mariners

Folks, The heat is on – last race this Wednesday. As we have had 3 abandonments because of high winds, all 7 race results will count. Still an open competition – anything can happen! See you on the water. Cheers,Ross