St Kilda Pier, 100 Years On

Last week, Tuesday 26th of May, 2020 marked the 100th year anniversary of the opening of the St Kilda Baths & Pier by the Prince of Wales’, during his visit to Australia in 1920, later to become King Edward VIII in 1936 from January to December.

Extract below from guides.naa.gov.au

Royal Visit 1920

The Prince of Wales’ royal visit of 1920 was extraordinarily popular. The extent of public support for the visit is illustrated by the following story told in Edward’s autobiography, A King’s Story: The Memoirs of HRH the Duke of Windsor:

The unofficial diary kept by my staff… recorded in Melbourne: ‘Confetti is appearing in great and unpleasant quantities, and the touching mania has started, only owing to the heartening disposition of the Australians the touches are more like blows and HRH arrived half blinded and black and blue.

The ‘touching mania’, one of the most remarkable phenomena connected with my travels, took the form of a mass impulse to prod some part of the Prince of Wales. Whenever I entered a crowd, it closed around me like an octopus. I can still hear the shrill, excited cry, ‘I touched him!’ If I were out of reach, then a blow to my head with a folded newspaper appeared to satisfy the impulse.2

The organisation responsible for the 1920 visit by Edward, Prince of Wales was the Commonwealth Organizer, Royal Visit. This agency is registered within the Archives as CA 1051.

Source: http://guides.naa.gov.au/royalty-australian-society/chapter4/index.aspx

For more information about the Pier’s history here is St Kilda visit https://vintagevictoria.net.au/st-kilda-pier/

Photo below of St Kilda Pier, May 26th, 1920

Page 78 & 79 Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron – 140 Years | Bert Ferris

Photo taken by RMYS  Nadine on her walk along St Kilda Pier, May 26th, 2020.
100 years later

Photo Credit: RMYS Member.