AWKR Upskill Day – Recap

Sumitted by Jaque Conley, AWKR Committee

What a day!

Over 40 women came together on Sunday 17th March at the club for the first ever AWKR Upskill day – an opportunity to improve skills and knowledge in a fun and social environment.

We kicked off with guest presenter Pat Milwright who provided an interesting and well received presentation on man overboard (MOB).  There were many questions and contributions from the audience which helped everyone in the room to be prepared for such a situation. Pat also provided some important tips on the fundamentals of marine radio.

Another well received presentation was around sail care and repair.  Blake Anderson from Doyle Sails provided both a lecture/discussion on the topic and capped this off with a practical demonstration. I think all present now have some great fundamental knowledge about what causes wear and tear on our sails and when the ‘tears’ occur – how to deal with them.

A yummy BBQ was on offer with a combination of salads, gourmet sausages and a vegan option was also offered – thanks to the AWKR committee and volunteers on the day.  There were many positive comments and thanks offered by individuals for the quality of the lunch and the organisation of the event.

The afternoon moved into groups working with Jeff Whiteside from Savages Wharf to learn about boat preparation and maintenance.  Once again, a practically led session that was well received with lots of questions and information shared.

This all-day event was held for the first time this year and has been confirmed a great success.  Thanks go out to the presenters, Pat, Blake and Jeff and the AWKR committee for organising.  Special thanks to Savages Wharf for sponsoring the day. 

We have already had enquiries on when we will be running our next Upskill Day, and this event will definitely be on the calendar for future AWKR events.