Time for another of our famous Progressive Dinners!

Another Squadron fun party at Docklands on Saturday 10th August.

Those of us racing should manage to be alongside by 17:30, those of us cruising can have a leisurely ride up the river.

Dinner will start at 18:00 from boat to boat.

Let Pat know if you’re a starter, and how many you’re planning to have on board.”

Around the Moon with Damo, Todd & Charlie.

In their inimitable style, Damo, Todd & Charlie ran another fantastic RMYS Trivia Night. Taking the theme of the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing, Damo ‘Armstrong’, Todd ‘Aldrin’ and Charlie the Moon Fairy put us all through our mental hoops. The half time ‘event’ – closest to team ‘Tranquility Base’ with your made on […]

ORCV Stanley Race entry open 

Registrations for 2019 ORCV Melbourne to Stanley race are now open. Race starts Saturday 2nd November 2019. A great Ocean Race for training, crew development or qualifying for this years Hobart races. 

Winter Cruise to QCYC 13-15th July

Good day all

With you all, we have a good fleet to run down to Queenscliff.

Current starters are:
Present Laughter
Mrs Overnewton
Coral Lee
and possibly Ayesha and Obsession.

The proposed program is…

McGrath AWKR Lecture Series begins Thursday 16th May

The McGrath AWKR Lecture Series commences next week.

Lectures will be live streamed on our Facebook page for interstate and overseas competitors.

All lectures are free and open to both men and women.