Survival & Sea Safety Course

The team at ORCV would like to invite members of Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron to participate in the next Survival and Sea Safety Course, scheduled on May 25th  and 26th at Wesley College. If any of your members are interested in and wanting to take the plunge into ocean racing, or even just sailing beyond the bay, into open ocean, this course will give your members the skills and knowledge to ensure they stay safe sailing at sea.

Delivered over two days, consisting of theory and practical work, participants will learn strategies for emergency prevention and familiarize themselves with the equipment and tools in a safe, controlled environment.

Alternatively, if any of your members have qualifications about to expire, we also offer a one day revalidation course on May 26th, to keep qualifications and knowledge up to date!

If your members are interested, want further information or wish to register, please see the link below.

We hope to see members of Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron in the pool!


Jen Benson

Sailing Administrator
Ocean Racing Club of Victoria
State Sailing Centre