Day Pass Membership

Photo by member Brian D’Souza @iflybrian

Discover the Thrill of Sailing for Only $20!

Crewing is a great social activity. It is physical, exhilarating and great fun!

Who can Sail?
Anyone over the age of 18 can crew on keelboats out of RMYS. Whether an experienced sailor or complete beginner, everyone is welcome.

How much?
Daypass membership allows you to sail on a casual basis for only $20. (Maximum 12 sails)

What to Wear?
A waterproof jacket and comfortable clothes are recommended. Non-marking, white soft soled shoes are essential. Life jackets will be supplied.

When and What Time?

– Arrive 12.30pm in winter (April to September) or 4.30pm in summer (October to March)
Saturdays – Race start times vary on Saturdays, so it is best to contact the office to check the arrival time and suitability of the race.

An a la carte lunch is available for purchase before the Wednesday winter races and dinner is available after the Wednesday summer races. Bar snacks are available at other times.

Day Pass Special Offer
RMYS offers a day pass at minimal cost, which enables you to sail at the club and use the club facilities for the day. Day passes can be purchased up to 12 times before you’ll need to consider joining as a member. The cost of each day pass automatically goes towards your membership fee.

Day Pass Policy
Every person who sails out of RMYS is either an RMYS member or has purchased a day pass for that day.  Day pass holders are RMYS members for the day and therefore must abide by club rules.
Non members of any club
People who are not members of other approved kindred clubs buy a $20 day pass and after purchasing 12 day passes must become a member to continue to sail. 
Process: Sailor pays on site, completes form and receives day pass card.  Details entered in member magic and Aust Sailing.   Future sails card is “clipped”, no form required.

Members of Kindred Clubs
Members of approved kindred clubs buy a $15 day pass and may do so an unlimited number of occasions.
Process: Sailor provides proof of membership of kindred club and receives kindred membership card with name filled in, which expires March 31 of current membership year.  Each year they will be required to provide proof of membership and issued with new card for that year.
Kindred Clubs: Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, Hobsons Bay Yacht Club, Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Sandringham Yacht Club, Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron, Mornington Yacht Club, Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club, Royal Geelong Yacht Club

For more information or to check the racing conditions, please contact Allicia Rae (Sailing Coordinator) on 9534 0227 or ​