Roberto – Visitor from Trieste Italy

2 Years ago Roberto came into the club on a Wednesday to make himself known and swap burgees.

He also presented us with a book about the Barcolana yacht race held annually in October in Trieste Italy when over 2500 yachts start on a 3 nm line.

Roberto was attending a conference at Monash associated with the Synchrotron.

We invited him to come back on the weekend and as it happened he had a late afternoon flight so was able to return in the morning.

We made him a Red Shirt volunteer for the day and had him out and about on boats and on the beach. He did a great job and had fun.

Email details were exchanged.

A few weeks ago he advised that he was returning and I invited him to sail on Wednesday if his programme allowed.

Fortunately his paper was to be delivered on Tuesday so Wednesday was clear.

We hosted him on Bushido, and were very fortunate to get a 2nd plus the Tonner Challenge.

Roberto and family have an Elan 310 based at Grignano, a smaller port north of Trieste central

His wife is a 420 sailor and actually introduced Roberto to sailing converting him from mountaineering. 

As per below, he was quite enthusiastic about AWKR 30  – so here’s hoping.

Here’s an image of Roberto on the helm of Bushido.

Peter Chapman
(Past Commodore)