RMYS Yard Safety News

Yard Safety

Effective May 15 2019, the RMYS Yard (area as indicated in the diagram below), is a Restricted Area, and entry into the yard is only permitted to persons with a legitimate reason for being there.

Principally this restricts yard access only to persons working on vessels in the yard (Members or Contractors or RMYS Staff).

Further, all Members working on their vessels must wear High Visibility vests at all times*.  These vests will be provided by RMYS to owners and whoever else may be working on their vessel once they have completed the Yard Induction process.

Any person in the yard who has not undertaken induction and is not wearing a vest will be asked to leave the area immediately.

If you have any queries, please contact Damien.

*Vests do not need to be worn when wearing protective Paper Suits or when wet sanding