Racing Report – Week Ending Sunday 19 May 2019

The winter season is flying by!

On Wednesday we had race 8 of the UNi-Pro Midweek Mariners Series I, Doctors of Northcote Winter Spinnaker Series I – AMS & IRC and the Overnewton Trophy Winter Spinnaker Series I – PHS. 
Ian Guyett, Selwyn Stokes and Varan Freestone ran the race in a light southerly, turning variable breeze. 

UNi-Pro Midweek Mariners Series I
1st – Hotshot
2nd – Cloud Ten
3rd – Charlotte

1st – Rollercoaster 

Tonner Challenge
1st – Hotshot

Best Start
1st -1 second – Dalliance
2nd -3 seconds – Revenge/Cloud Ten
3rd -4 seconds – Liberty/Xit Strategy
4th – 5 seconds – Matador

Doctors of Northcote Winter Spinnaker Series I
1st – Xit Strategy
2nd – Antagonist 
3rd – Matador

1st – Antagonist

Overnewton Trophy Winter Spinnaker Series I
1st – Tigris
2nd – Espresso
3rd – Antagonist

Saturday was race 2 in the Insight Building and Design Winter Spinnaker Series (run in conjunction with HBYC). Thanks to the volunteers at HBYC and RYCV for running the event, which allowed RMYS to run the Noelex Nationals. 

1st – Rollercoaster
2nd – Jungle Juice
3rd – Take Five

1st – Jungle Juice
2nd – Rollercoaster

1st – Rollercoaster
2nd – Mrs Overnewton
3rd – Jungle Juice

To view the full results from this week, please click here

Over the weekend, RMYS hosted the Noelex National Championships.
Thanks to Ross Flood, Andrew Gluth, Ruth Eaton, David Gordon, Dennis Bromley, Scott Allbutt, Tony Rogers,  John Taylor, Sue Streets, Tom Ely, Paul Dunstan, Stephen Hopkins and Ryan Marshall for running 5 races over 2 days in some trying conditions. 

The ORCV ran their Apollo Bay race over the weekend as well. 
Vagabond, Next Step, Weekend Option and Peccadillo all competed. 
Vagabond was the best placed RMYS yacht, coming 7th on AMS and 5th on PHS. Peccadillo came 4th on line honours.
For full results, please click here.  


Allicia Rae
Sailing Coordinator