Racing Report – Week Ending Sunday 12 May 2019

Wednesday saw race 7 of the UNi-Pro Midweek Mariners Series 1, Doctors of Northcote Winter Spinnaker Series 1 (AMS & IRC) and Overnewton Trophy Winter Spinnaker Series Series 1 (PHS) being run in 18-22 knot westerlies.  Thanks to Ian Guyett, Selwyn Stokes and Varan Freestone for running the race. 

UNi-Pro Mid-Week Mariners R7
1st – Hotshot
2nd – Coral Lee
3rd – Revenge

1st – Rollercoaster
2nd – Sea Eagle

Tonner Challenge
1st – Hotshot

Doctors of Northcote Winter Spinnaker Series R7
1st – Xit Strategy
2nd – Matador

1st – Antagonist
2nd – Matador

Overnewton Trophy Winter Spinnaker Series R7
1st – Xit Strategy
2nd – Red Dog
3rd – Sunshine

Best Start
1st – 0 seconds – Espresso
2nd – 2 seconds – Xit Strategy
3rd – 3 seconds – Mrs Overnewton
4th – 4 seconds – Tigris & Matador

Mountain Goat of the Day
For heading out to R2 while they were looking for R3 and consequently sailing and extra 2 miles – Espresso

On Saturday the first race in the JH McDonald Series was held. Thanks to Selwyn Stokes, Alistair Hart, Sabina Rosser and Ryan Marshall for running the race. 

1st – Blue Horizons
2nd – Dalliance
3rd – Bushido

1st – Silhouette
2nd – Rollercoaster
3rd – Remedy

Best Start
1st – 2 seconds – Tigris
2nd – 3 seconds – Cloud Ten
3rd – 8 seconds – Salamander III & Sunshine

The Winter Two Handed Series and Winter Squadron Sunday Series will commence on Sunday 26 May. If you haven’t entered these series yet, now is the time. Late entries will not be accepted on the day. 
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