Racing Report – Week Ending 17 March 2019

It was a fairly quiet week at RMYS with race 1 of the Start Box Twilight Sprint and the Moomba Cup taking place. 

The Start Box Twilight Sprint attracted 21 boats, who completed course 3 in 16-21 knots. The weather might be the reason for the small fleet, as around lunch time the conditions were pretty dicey, but it abated in the afternoon and turned out to be a great sailing day. 

Thanks to Andrew Gluth, Selwyn Stokes, Miro Gjergja and Ron Parker for running the race. 

Start Box Twilight Sprint – Race 1
1st – Liberty
2nd – Sea Eagle
​3rd – Clipper of Capricorn

Banks Group Elapsed Time Award
​21st – Coral Lee

Troubleshooters Best Start
1st – 2 seconds – Sea Eagle
2nd – 3 seconds – Revenge/Red Dog
3rd – 4 seconds – Rock N Roll/Sunshine/Matador
4th – 5 seconds – Koa-Atea/Weekend Option

Goat of the Day
Our tower crew didn’t press record hard enough on the camera and so didn’t record the best starts – Enjoy your beer!

For full results, please click here

On Saturday the Moomba Cup was run by Amanda Wakeham, Terry Parker and Andrew Fambiatos. 
4 boats turned up to the start line, as many were away on the Flinders Cup Cruise and competing in the King Island race hosted by ORCV. They completed course 6. 
Unfortunately, due to low numbers, only 1st and 2nd could be awarded on PHS and only 1st on AMS. There weren’t enough competitors to award IRC. To view the full results, please click here

1st – Femme Fatale
​2nd – Jungle Juice

​1st – Jungle Juice

The Winter NOR, including the Wednesday races, JH McDonald series and Winter Mixed Series is now available to read here
The NORs for the Winter Spinnaker Series (Saturdays), Two Handed Winter Series and Squadron Sundays are coming soon. 
Entry will be open shortly. 

Allicia Rae
Sailing Coordinator