Pot, Parma & A Chat – Friday 12th April

This Friday night Jason McCutcheon will be chatting with with Tamara Vekich who is an environment communications officer from Parks Victoria about marine pests – introduced exotic species that can be transported on hulls of boats and damage the marine environment. 

Tamara will talk about what marine pests are, and what sailors can do to help stop their spread.

Parks Victoria teamed up with Jessica Watson to do a short video for this campaign. You can view one version of the video on our Youtube channel, to get a feel for what it is about:  

Seen a sea star but don’t know if it’s a good one or bad one? Find out this and much more about the marine environment as it relates to sailing. Discuss marine pests, boat cleaning and have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

To reserve a parma please contact the office before 12pm this Thursday  11th April on 03 9534 0227 

*Bookings recommended for catering purposes