Meet Our Volunteers!

20-26 May 2019 is National Volunteer Week. 

As part of this week, we’ll be highlighting some of our race management volunteers and their stories. 

They’ve been asked about their background, what got them into sailing & RMYS race management and what they enjoy about being a volunteer. 

Let’s meet some of the team!

Ross “The Flag Man” Flood
When Ross is around, particularly on board Patto (William Patterson) you can rest easy, because he is always on the ball. Ross is a longstanding race management volunteer and one of our most experienced.  
Read Ross’ bio here

28th AWKR

Peter “Yoonie” Yoon
Peter is one of the most enthusiastic volunteers you’ll ever meet. His smile and energy are infectious. 
Read about his journey here.

Ryan Marshall
Brand new to the club, Ryan is up for anything and is one of our most active members on the red book app, constantly posting photos and videos for everyone to enjoy.
Check out Ryan’s story here.

Stay tuned to hear more about our amazing volunteers during the week!


Allicia Rae
Sailing Coordinator