Liz & Phil’s 10yr Circumnavigation Journey Blog

I was a member at RMYS until a year or so ago – I owned MANDU and was a foundation member of the marina; over the last few years I’ve been in London.

Some members in the club might be interested in our plans: this week we are heading to Greece to start a circumnavigation which we expect to last 10 years.  We will be maintaining a BLOG and it could be of interest to RMYS members who remember me; for those that I don’t know the BLOG might be an inspiration or a cautionary tale!

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Here’s the blog:

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Phil and Liz

Liz was born in England and moved to Melbourne, Australia at the age of six. Phil grew up in Sydney but has lived much of his adult life in Melbourne. During 2015 to 2019, Liz and Phil lived and worked in London. As that period was coming to an end, they had a loose plan to spend 10 years sailing around the world and so purchased Passepartout, a 43 foot sailing boat. They are no longer working and don’t plan to go back to it, so their timetable is very flexible and open-ended. The circumnavigation is in its planning stage; it starts in 2019 in Greece.