Commodore’s Report – April 2019

Commodore, Charles Meredith

My summary of the key issues that were considered at the last GC meeting is provided below

Cheers, Charles Meredith, Commodore

What have General Committee been looking at this month?


As mentioned in my previous summary, RMYS had decided, along with RYCV, that we would not compete in the Association Cup year under the proposed new rules, and that we hoped this would cause this year’s host club to reconsider. SYC did not reconsider, resulting in the 2019 Association Cup being a contest between SYC and RBYC. We hope that this venerable regatta will be back on an even keel next year and will continue to work towards this end.

Sailing Committee is looking hard at how to progress our growing and enthusiastic junior squad to build an intermediate group, including potential boat options. And RBYC has agreed to lease us a couple of their Quests so we can continue to build the class.

Preparations for our premier regatta, the Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta, are proceeding extremely well, with high numbers of participants and boats already entered. The AWKR committee has been doing an excellent job!

Administrative and Policy:

The constitutional amendments put to the members at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 16 March were passed, with only one no vote. The amended constitution is being re-printed and copies will be available soon, as well as on the website.

Speaking of the website, the new site is up and almost fully functional after a lot of work by Amy Corcoran and others. Inevitably there may still be some glitches – let Amy know if you find any. However, the implementation of the MemberPoint software continues to be delayed through the tardiness of the MemberPoint developers. We are pushing hard to get them to finish.

The Catering sub-committee (Vice-commodore, general manager and myself) have been exploring catering options well in advance of the renewal time of the current catering contract.


Finance Committee finalised next years budget and it was approved by GC at the last meeting. It aims for a similar but slightly improved outcome to this year, with a projected surplus of just over $60,000. A presentation on this year’s financial performance will be provided by the Treasurer at the upcoming Members Meeting.


The installation of toilets on the marina has hit a snag – in discussions with Parks Victoria, they informed us the sewerage system for the pier is at capacity due to the inadequate size of the holding tank at the café. Although the marina sewage is a very small component, all of it has to go through this tank. We believe it is a Parks Victoria responsibility to make the necessary improvements and we are working with them to ensure that this happens and we can install our much-needed facilities.

Membership and Activities:

A very successful event was conducted for our corporate partners who advertise in the Red Book. A lot of positive feedback was received and some potential leads for further sponsorship developed. Particular thanks to Peter Chapman and Peter Davies for organising the evening.

And to finish this report on another positive note, our membership numbers have continued to increase, with a 5% increase over the last year.