Commodore’s Report – May 2019

Commodore, Charles Meredith

My summary of the key issues that were considered at the last GC meeting is later this month as the GC meeting was late in the month due to Easter and Anzac Day. The report is provided below.

Cheers, Charles Meredith, Commodore

What have General Committee been looking at this month?


Preparations are well in hand for Presentation Night on Saturday 25 May (make sure you book!). And, yes, there will be music 😊

There was discussion about Australian Sailing and its new focus on women’s sailing and its continuing focus on top level competitive sailing and how these priorities impact on our Squadron and other clubs.

Administrative and Policy:

The Catering sub-committee are continuing negotiations with f&d on a new contract, as presented at the recent Members Meeting.

Peter Abrahamson has been pursuing a new contact in relation to RMYS access to the Sea Bath’s parking and expects to meet with them this month.


The budget process has been completed and the budget approved, and the accounts for last financial year have been finalised and sent to the auditors.


A secondhand (but relatively new) tractor has been purchased for the yard after the old one broke down. The cost of repairs and ongoing maintenance of the old tractor was assessed as being higher than the cost of purchasing the new one.

After the recent repairs to the slipway, Elstones have been engaged to carry out a full assessment of the slipway’s condition and maintenance needs. Elstones will also be re-laying F Mark soon. It has not proved feasible to find the old mooring tackle. As this process had been holding up the re-laying of the mark for a long period, we have decided to accept the higher cost option of laying new tackle.

The new lockers on the marina have proved popular and an expression of interest process will be undertaken to determine whether we purchase more.

Membership and Activities:

Member Services have enrolled the Squadron in Open Melbourne, a weekend where buildings of architectural, historic or cultural interest are open to the public for guided tours. This will provide another opportunity to enhance our public presence and hopefully attract more members.

The Mother’s Day lunch has been very popular this year, with strong bookings.