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Nautilus Marine Series & PPWCS Awards Night

On Friday 31 May the Nautilus Marine Series and Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series Awards Night took place at Royal Brighton Yacht Club.  RMYS crews were successful across both events.  Nautilus Marine SeriesDivision 2 – IRC – 2nd – Salamander III – Monica JonesDivision 2 – AMS – 2nd – Salamander III – Monica JonesDivision […]

Meet Our Volunteers!

20-26 May 2019 is National Volunteer Week.  As part of this week, we’ll be highlighting some of our race management volunteers and their stories.  They’ve been asked about their background, what got them into sailing & RMYS race management and what they enjoy about being a volunteer.  Let’s meet some of the team! Ross “The […]

Marina Arm Gates

Shut The Gate… Members are asked to please be conscious of the Marina Arm gates, and ensure they are closed behind you – whether you are entering of leaving a Marina Arm. In moderate to high winds, the gates may remain open long enough to enable Non-Members to access Marina Arms. Please remember to close […]

This Week’s Menus

A la carte menus for this week at the Squadron. 

Member’s Draw – Another winner!

We had a winner on the second draw last Friday night! Mick Findlay ($70)! Congratulations! Draw 1: Joshua Smith Draw 2: Mick Findlay Draw is now at $50