Boat on the beach

Boat on the beach

On Friday afternoon “Lucky Phoenix” owned by Rob Ellis drifted quickly to the beach, when the mooring chain broke in 35 – 40 knot south westerly winds with accompanying high seas.  It is an RMYS mooring.

Damien and Kuki went out in Wally R with the objective of at least anchoring the boat to prevent it being pushed further up the sand bar on a very high tide. In atrocious conditions Wally R finished up on the beach as well. Damien and I moved it off on Sunday morning’s high tide, it is undamaged (might have lost some paint under the keel) and is fully operational. 

All aspects of this most unfortunate situation will be reported to GC and a review of the mooring (and race mark) tackle maintenance will no doubt follow.

“Lucky Phoenix” is still on the beach awaiting insurers, and sadly a decent bloke and his partner have probably lost their pride and joy.  Our immediate focus is on supporting and assisting them.

Matt Solly