Month: June 2019

Winter Spinnaker Series – Race 5 – Cancelled

Today’s Winter Spinnaker Series – Race 5, run in conjunction with the Brass Monkey series, has been cancelled due to inclement weather.    Allicia RaeSailing Coordinator

RMYS Winter Cruise – 13th & 14th July to Queenscliff

G’day All

A reminder if any of you are thinking of joining us to Queenscliff on the weekend of 14th July, please let me know.

We have three boats so far, and I’d like to put a program together when I know the numbers.

best wishes

Safety Declarations Expiring 30 June

As 30 June approaches, so does the expiration of all safety category declarations.  New safety declaration forms can be downloaded here.Safety category stickers may not arrive until later in the year when Australian Sailing send them out to clubs.  All forms should be submitted to    Allicia RaeSailing Coordinator

International Day of the Seafarer – Tuesday 25 June

Happy International Day of the Seafarer!

“Throughout 2019 there is a strong emphasis in the maritime world on the importance and value of women within the professional ranks.

Much of this is being driven by the World Maritime Day theme (Empowering Women in the Maritime Community). It is already clear that this theme has a very strong and far-reaching resonance.

It provides an opportunity to highlight opportunities for women (as wel

The 2019 Frostbite Regatta

A must-read article by RMYS member & volunteer, David Gordon

As the days shorten and the winter chills nip, astute observers of celestial phenomena at RMYS cast their eyes to the west searching for a sign from Melbourne’s Stone Henge. One or two days from the winter solstice the dim red orb of the setting sun breaks weakly through the tallest columns of the Westgate Bridge. Viewed from the RMYS clubhouse balcony, this is the signal for RMYS’s immortal sailing gods – but committee members will do – to gird their loins for the Frostbite Regatta. Last Sunday this battle royal contested annually between RBYC and RMYS was held in the waters St Kilda harbour, right beside St Kilda pier.